To me The Driven Spirit is part spiritual, part physical, but, mostly attitude.   It's really the way successful people live their lives.  It is something that is positive, productive, motivational, creative, focused, competitive and develops leadership.  People that have The Driven Spirit usually have a great amount of Pride, Discipline and Self-Confidence.  These people are accountable for their actions and try to be fair with people in their lives, when people are fair with each other there is a tendency to be loyal .  People that have The Driven Spirit have a certain charisma about themselves that attracts other people to them.  These qualities are portrayed in the form of great character.  Some examples of people that have The Driven Spirit are President Thomas Jefferson, Tom Landry, Ara Parseghian, Bo Schembechler, Vince Lombardi, President Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Lance Armstrong, President John Kennedy and the Navy Seals.  These people have a belief of what is right in this world and never stop trying to change it to what they think will benefit mankind.  It is something that will drive them forever.  Behind their physical body there is more than flesh, blood and bones, there's visions and ideals that can't be crushed by governments or armies.  It is something that creates hope which is more important than all the physical riches in the world. 
The Driven Spirit in people really helps society reach it's full potential.  There is a great quest for excellence in everything they do.  Giving back to society and making a positive difference in the world is a big part of The Driven Spirit.  Having a belief that everything is going to end up right truly states what The Driven Spirit is all about.  I hope this message gives you something to think about and helps you develop your own Driven Spirit.