The Enlightened Man is a person who has searched for and found the Universal Truth.  You may ask yourself what is the Universal Truth?  To me it's the way we treat each other, trying always to do the right thing.  Having a quest to make life fair, honest, honorable and being as industrious as possible.  Also, trying to give back to our community by service or helping with a foundation for people who are in need.  The Almighty GOD knows what we have in our heart.  So by leading this kind of life it transcends religion, it is at a place where all religions blend.  Ladies and gentlemen there is good and bad in all religions, but, the thing that is always the Truth is the way we love and provide hope for our fellow man.
GOD -  Many people have a difficult job thinking of GOD.  It is something that the more educated you get the harder it is to believe that there is a GOD.  However, when logic takes over you realize this earth this world we live in can't all be a coincidence it get's a little bit easier to understand a supreme being.  So I believe that something is going on after our stay on earth is over.  I believe that GOD wants us to help one another.  I believe that we are part of GOD, the goodness and love we have inside of us is GOD like.  What I think we all need to do is seek the goodness inside of us and try to bring it out as much as we can.  I know I have a long way to go, but, once we find out that GOD wants us to seek the Universal Truth it get's a lot easier.  I remember once telling Dave Casper ( Hall Of Fame in Pro Football) that one of our team mates Tom Devine had died, he said that's too bad, but, you know Frank none of us are getting out of this world alive.  It made me think, life is short and  fragile, that we can go at any time, so we must have a burning desirer to make a difference in whatever we do in life. 
PRAYER- is a way we can focus on the goodness inside us.  It makes us disciplined in thinking of our spirit as well as putting positive thinking towards our follow man.  Prayer is always a good form centering the peace within ourself.  It cleans our spirit and gives us a renewed sense of hope.  Give it a try, and while your at it say a few prayers for me I need them.  Good Luck and if you have any questions about anything drop me an e-mail .
COUNTRY- Some of the great things about the United States are that we are free to practice any religion or have the liberty to try to do anything we want as a career.  We also have the ability to say anything we want with out the risk of being put into prison.  You can't do that in all parts of the world.  People don't realize how important those things are until we can't have them.  Also, The beauty of our country is the wide range of nationalities that we have to see and experience from.  There are advantages and disadvantages to all nationalities, our advantage is  we can take the best of all of them.  The United States also has a wide range of physical differences that we can choose, from the beaches and oceans of the east and west coast to the mountains of the Rockies and the plains of the Midwest.  Big Cities like New York, Chicago and LA, to small towns like Homer, Michigan and Mishawaka, Indiana. Wow what a country.  We need to make sure we protect our freedoms and use them to help people through education, housing and opportunities.  If you have part of the dream called America share it with others.  Make our country better because you are part of it.  If you have any comments or questions please e-mail.
Notre Dame-My experience at Notre Dame was a great one.  Why was it great because of the people I met.  The buildings are neat and have a lot of tradition, however, it was the people I met that made it so special.  Notre Dame campus is special because it makes you think in a very peaceful way.  The questions you ask yourself is why I exist?  Why am I important?  Those questions were answered by prayer and recognizing that I have a purpose here on earth and that is to help people when I can.  To bring the gift of love to as many people as I can.  That is not a weak thing it is something that is strong and that starts with your family.  Then it moves to the people that you become close with as friends and co-workers.  Then eventually to the masses of people that you may never know, but, because of your actions you make a difference.  There was a fantasy camp at Notre Dame run by Pat Steenberge and he asked me to speak at it once.  I said that the spirit of Notre Dame is very strong and you don't have to be here at the campus to have that spirit and make it work .  But, take that Notre Dame spirit of having a quest for excellence, making a difference and having hope and transport those qualitites and ideals to Seattle, Miami, Maine and California.  The spirit is what it is all about not the physical campus.  That  is what is so great about Notre Dame.  Those same qualitities can be found at USC, MSU and Michigan and any college in America.  It just seems that the spirit is very strong at Notre Dame.