Leadership is a very interesting characteristic.  It's what separates doers from followers.  The ability to lead comes from people who get things done. Leadership is about  people who you can depend on.  Not just people who they say they are going to do things and never get them  done, but, people who when you ask them to do something they find a way to get it done. 


Leaders in life are people that usually have a great amount of passion in what they do and make the organization as top flight as they can.  They have Pride in what they do and are Disciplined in finding out everything they need to to be successful.  They usually are fair with the people they work with and have a following because they are Loyal.  There is also a sense of spiritual balance that is understood by people that work for leaders.  This sense is that the leader will be looking out for the follower's best interest and make them a better person.  People know when they are in the presence of someone they will learn from, someone that wants to make their world better because they are part of this earth.  When this happens people understand and good people find this exciting to be part of.  The organization grows the community grows and workers grow from this kind of leader.  The enlightened man makes the world a better place.  I don't care what religion you are there is a way that people find the Universal Truth of making the world better to live in.  Integrity is a big part of being a leader.  People what to know and expect a leader to do the right thing.  Sometimes it can cost you friends, sometimes money or prestige, but, if you are doing the right thing which sometimes is very hard it will define your life.