Feb 27, 2012


Walking Part 1

Why should I walk:  In our advanced push button world, walking is more important than ever.  We need to get oxygen into our bodies, blood circulation, and shaped muscles are important for great health.  Human beings are finding that regular walking has many benefits.  It improves your health and walking regularly can help you to: 

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Posted by: Frank
Walking will reduce stress so you feel more relaxed and less prone to depression.  You will feel better have more energy and be less tired.  Have a better self-image about yourself.  Look better lose weight and strengthing your muscles.  You will be able to do better have more stamina and be more productive.  Clear your head and be positive about your job.  Walking can reduce your blood pressure and and reduce your chances of becoming a diabetic.  Walking will help your muscles and joints stay stronger and have more flexibility.