Jun 10, 2011

Summer Time

The weather is hot and we are going to the beaches, pools and lakes.  It is summer time and we are all wearing less clothes and people can see more of our bodies. We all need to lose weight and flatten our stomachs.  The problem is time and discipline, exercise and diet.  We need to get a plan?  I have one and I think it works pretty good. 


Category: General
Posted by: Frank


When I was in college our coach Ara Parseghian said to me, after I returned from Christmas break, I think if we turn you side ways we can get you through the door.  There isn't a person in the world that could say something to me like that and have the same effect as Ara Parseghian had on me that day.  I wanted to be in the best shape possible and become the starting guard at Notre Dame.  I went on a diet immediately.  I cut out all sweets, pop, deserts and went very light on the carbo's.  In six weeks I went from 258 lbs to 233 lbs.  I was also working out three times every two days.  Lifting, running and playing handball. Not taking any days off as I wanted to burn as many calories as I could. When I did get to the weight I wanted Ara said now don't lose to much weight and I went back to about 241 lbs.  I became the starting guard at Notre Dame my freshman spring against very good competition.  I believe it was because I was stronger, faster and quicker and in better shape because of what I did after Ara said to me you are looking heavy.  We all need to look in the mirror and examine our bodies, our life and where we are going.  There are really no excuses for not being in decent physical shape.  It helps our minds our spirit and our physical bodies. NO EXCUSES get  out there and at least walk for 30 minutes per day.  GO FOR IT