Apr 8, 2011

Thank You God

Hail to the University of Michigan Cardio Vascular Center:  It is now seven weeks since I had my operation at the University of Michigan.  I feel very good, stronger everyday and walking about three miles per day. 

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Posted by: Frank

Count your Blessings:

The thing that is important here is that I was in serious condition and did not know it.  Doctor Deeb, at the University of Michigan cardiovascular center, who is one of the best vascular surgeons in the country repaired my Aorta and I now am good for another 100 thousand miles.  It was a very sobering event in my life as I was someone that was always keeping in as good shape as I could. But, that had nothing to do with the aneurysm in my Aorta.  It could have blown at any time.  People need to go to he doctor and get checked on a regular bases because we all can have hidden traps in our own bodies.  I had my shoulder replaced a couple of years ago and that is where they found my aneurysm.  I was lucky and I was lucky to find Dr. Mike Deeb who is a God fearing man that gives all glory to our father in heaven.  Believe me I had some come to Jesus talks with myself and it helped, but, I was totally in Dr. Deebs hands and trusted him to take care of me.  I believed that GOD gave him the skill to make me better.  I am going into the final quarter of my life and I'm going to make it special.  I believe God gave me a chance to make a difference with other people and I intend to do that.  Hope you all are healthy and if not trust that God will take care of you one way or another.

Hail to Doctor Mike Deeb